The Art of Gifting. Redefined.

CREATIVE CORPORATE GIFTING BlueCopper is a one-stop destination for creative corporate gifting solutions that will redefine the way you gift, and the way others receive and view your gifts. Our name is inspired by the rare Blue Copper butterfly which possesses an exquisite colour. At BlueCopper we offer exquisitely crafted, design-rich, art-influenced gifts that epitomize both form and function. Gifts that like our namesake butterfly are objects of beauty that will transform and enrich the lives of their recipients. From off-the-shelf choices to custom-designed creations; from volume gifting selections to singular stand-alones; from an 'its-the-thought-that-counts' range to the 'my-gosh-you-shouldn't-have' range; BlueCopper possesses the butterfly's hyper acute senses to seek out unique and creative gifts.

GIFTING. NOT JUST A GESTURE. AN ART. You gift to honour tradition, as at festival times; to reward a task well done; to display gratitude; as a token of respect for the recipient; to award an achievement; to let people know they are appreciated; to celebrate a special occasion or commemorate an event; to pay tribute, to encourage, to bring cheer, or simply because you delight in the act itself. BlueCopper's deep understanding of the act of giving enables us to elevate gifting to an art form. When you gift, you plant a seed in the receiver's heart and mind, and in everyone who subsequently views or uses it.From such seeds, relationships are developed, brands are built and perceptions reinforced. Your gift must be therefore artistically unusual, creatively surprising, relevant to the occasion and memorable. BlueCopper makes it so with an exclusive and extensive array of creative gifting options.

CREATIVE GIFTING. BECAUSE IMPRESSIONS LAST LONGER THAN GIFTS. In a world in which most gifts have become mere copies of each other, BlueCopper gifts stand apart. None could ever be called run of the mill. Most are available only with us, and every single one is scrutinized for creative and artistic merit, functionality and export-grade quality before it is featured in our portfolio. Leveraging the ten-year experience and countrywide supply chain of our sister concern Eka among India's premier ethnic India lifestyle stores, we source gifts that tell a story while they make an indelible impression on the recipient. We also specialize in custom designing of gifts for companies and individuals, enabling their manufacture to your size and material specifications. Our network of artists, artisans, specialty manufacturers and suppliers, along with an in-house creative and design team, offers budget flexibility and design ability. Whatever impression you wish to convey, we can help you deliver.

THE NEW BENCHMARK FOR CORPORATE GIFTING Looking for distinctive gifts for your employees during the festival season? Sourcing a high-end, high-value gift for a visiting dignitary, one that's uniquely Indian yet represents your company's vision and values? Need a memento that reflects a triumph or recalls a milestone? BlueCopper is the place where you can differentiate your company through outstanding products. This is because we can tailor gifts to an occasion or theme, and deliver them in elegant, ready-to-gift BlueCopper packaging. As an option that makes for more impact, we also design signature packaging that establishes your brand creatively in recipients' minds. The signature wrapping then assumes almost as much significance as the gift itself. In the volume gifting domain, we offer a range of gifts that are competitively priced yet very high on creativity. And we maintain ironclad delivery schedules, delivering on time anywhere in India. Best of all, BlueCopper not only acts as an expert gift advisor, helping you choose gifts relevant to the occasion, but also encourages you to co-create your gifts with us. Ensuring that what you have in mind is faithfully brought to life.

GIFTING. REDEFINED. At BlueCopper, we offer only products that help preserve the culture, craftsmanship and diversity of the country, while presenting them in a contemporary context. All BlueCopper products are made in India, many are handcrafted from natural materials and sourced directly from traditional artisans, Non-Government Organizations engaged in preserving Indian art forms; or select export manufacturers. Our commitment is to bring you unique, high quality and design rich products at value prices. As a socially responsible organization, we adhere to fair trade practices and support our artisans and craftsmen with design intervention and process improvement inputs to upgrade their native skills. In all that we do, we consciously endeavour to protect and preserve the environment. Welcome to the new world of creative, artistic, personalized, value-priced, socially and environmentally responsible corporate gifting. Welcome to BlueCopper.