An Empty Wall is like a Blank Canvas!

You can paint it …. You can clad it …. Or you can create a work of art! Stories in Slate – customized wall murals in natural stone. Pick a colour that suits your project. Golden Beige Slate to match warmer wood tones. Charcoal Grey Slate to match a more contemporary chrome & glass look. Lilac Pink Slate as an element of surprise. Or Rustic Natural Slate to showcase an array of unpredictable earthy hues. Suitable for both Interior and Exterior Feature Walls, slate weathers beautifully while retaining its rustic and earthy natural stone texture. Create an element of drama with hand-painted or air-brushed colours. Add glamour with metallic foil highlights. Or take it to the next level by incorporating 3D elements in mirror or metal motifs. Each mural is custom crafted to fit the site dimensions perfectly. Designs can be fully customized to suit your project theme – abstract, nature, divinity. Even a name or logo can be incorporated. So whether you wish to create a center-piece feature wall at a residential project, or give your commercial project a signature look, Stories in Slate can partner with you to differentiate your project through artistic expression. Connect with us to explore Customized Wall Murals in Slate, or other natural stones such as Marble, Sandstone and Granite in varied finishes. Drop by at Eka to experience our 30 foot slate and sandstone mural installation. Stories in Slate. Wall Murals in Natural Stone. From House of Eka.


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